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Marketing Wallah – An Introduction

In Marketing Wallah on December 8, 2011 at 5:12 pm

After 18 months in India I have realised that there is a great big career-sized hole in my life. I don’t have a job and I don’t contribute financially to my household. I don’t equate that state with the person I think I am.

I have never actually looked for a job in India for the following reasons:

  • I don’t have an employment visa
  • I’d have to get a job to get one (* see below for detail)
  • Life in India is difficult enough without looking for a job as well
  • I’ve already got a job – part-time CSR consultancy for my husband’s company
  • I’ve been studying part-time

I am also pretty much in the middle of a career change; in 2005 I decided that my long-cherished career in social housing just wasn’t meeting my need for creativity so, after some toing and froing, I got my first job in marketing in June 2009: The plan was to work in this junior position for about a year and then look for another job; I left the job in April 2010 bound for India, so I was just about on plan. However the plan didn’t take into consideration the points above, particularly the visa issue – I had no idea.

My career history would make a job search in the UK challenging enough. It certainly doesn’t motivate me to look for work in India, where there is no shortage of marketers with commercially relevant, Indian work experience.

So my career is in flux, I haven’t got a job and I want to do something about it. The accepted expat wisdom on this issue is a portable career; a career that you can take with you anywhere around the globe. The on-line community is crowded with examples of exceptional women who have achieved just that. As inspiring as they are, I think there is something missing, i.e. how do you get from wanting to jump on that plane and go home to having a genuinely portable career that is both financially and personally rewarding? Well Marketing Wallah is my story; I can’t promise a happy ending but here’s hoping!

* Accompanying spouses get no automatic right to work in India. I would have to apply for an employment visa in my own right. For this I would have to find a job at a high enough salary (about £20,000), ask my employer to wait while I return to the UK (presumably at my own expense), apply for a visa and if successful return to India to work.