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The Curry Diaries – Chicken Coconut Masala

In The Curry Diaries on October 20, 2011 at 11:37 pm

Back to Anjum Anand for tonight’s curry and actually yesterday’s curry too. Yesterday I managed to tip the sauce all over the floor and myself. Oh dear, Mrs Wife was very, very cross!

Dean had his dinner while I was at book club. I was getting mine ready with two portions to freeze, I served the chicken and then kersplat! I was using the large wok with the dodgy handle so the inevitability of the situation struck with some force as I was standing there with an empty wok in my hand and sauce down my white trousers and all over the floor. I dealt with the immediate problem quite calmly but later had a bit of a wobbly; I was so cross with myself; I should have replace the thing months ago; also, I shouldn’t have crap kit in my kitchen but I have.  Unreasonably, I blamed Dean: I was emotional and a bit drunk and Dean is remarkably resilient at taking an ear-bashing for things that don’t even relate to him.

Before hitting the floor the sauce tasted great, so paddywack over, I decided to have another go tonight. I really wanted to eat the curry and I also wanted enough sauce to put on the chicken from yesterday so I could freeze it. Cooking extra portions is all part of the game-plan to fill Dean’s very demanding deluxe tiffin. The idea is that everyday for lunch Dean has a meat dish cooked by me and one dish each of vegetable, daal and rice to fill the other 3 tiffin pots, cooked by my housekeeper.  Much as I love Dean, I’m not going to cook his lunch everyday and I personally don’t want curry for lunch at all or to eat it every night so, I cook extra so I can stock the freezer with individual portions. Happily with tonight’s curry I’ve finally managed to set up a system so I can cook curry once a week and Dean will have a different curry for lunch every day. Everyone’s happy and domestic bliss reigns supreme. From now on The Curry Diaries will be a weekly posting.

So back to the curry: You will find this recipe on page 104 of Anjum Anand’s I Love Curry. For someone who cuts corners wherever possible I am surprised to find how enjoyable dry roasting and grinding spices is. I have an Indian mixer with a spice grinding attachment so that makes life easier. The process was somehow comforting and the smell simply divine; I thoroughly recommend it. The rest of the recipe follows a familiar format; brown the onions, add ginger, add garlic, cook, add spices, add tomatoes, cook etc. I must query “2½ tomatoes”: Come off it Anjum (and Anjum’s editor) what world are you living in? Not a very practical one if you think anyone’s going to use 2½ tomatoes in a recipe!  I’m using coconut milk instead of fresh coconut / coconut cream because  don’t have them in my cupboard.

Yummy! Really really yummy; maybe the best one yet.


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