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Big Stones II

In Managing Time on November 12, 2010 at 4:24 pm

I’ve reorganised my timetable this week with extraordinarily positive results:

Previously Dean and I would get to the gym for 9-9.30 am, he’d go off to work and I’d come back home to start my day at 11-11.30am. I would do my stuff (concentrating on the big stones of course) until about 9.30pm when Dean would come home.

Well, surprised as I am to say this, I enjoy the gym; I particularly like the classes. I also like being with Dean, so going to the gym together is nice. However I hate waiting until so late in the evening to see him. I’m hungry and tired and not really very productive after about 7pm. So I’m grumpy and I don’t feel I’ve achieved as much as a should.

This week I’ve turned it round – I’ve been starting work at 9am, working until 6.30pm, going to the gym at about 7pm and getting home just before Dean. It’s a winning solution; I’m working when I’m most awake, I can finish work for the day and pack my desk up neatly (rather than wait for Dean who might show up at 9.20pm and might show up at 9.50pm, then I have to drop everything and leave my desk in a state), I’m still getting my exercise, I can take my time in the gym and particularly the steam room and I’m happy to see my husband when he gets home.

The only drawback is that I don’t see Dean so much in the morning which Dean doesn’t like either. But as I’ve told him a happy wife makes for a happy husband!

  1. Surely you got that last bit the wrong way round?

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