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Big Stones

In Managing Time on October 1, 2010 at 4:24 pm

Have you heard the time management analogy about trying to fit lots of different sized stones in a glass? If you put the little stones in first, there won’t be room for the bigger stones. But if you put the big stones in first you will be able to fit all the smaller stones around them and they’ll all fit. The time management analogy is if you make time for your big projects first you can fit your to do list stuff around them and get more things done.

Since moving to India I don’t have enough ‘big stones’ to make this work. I have lots of little stones; a long list to-do, many of which are important because they help me stay on top of my life but most of which are mundane and don’t help me move my life forward. So I need some big stones … watch this space.