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Home from Home

In Settling in on September 28, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Back home in Gurgaon after a trip home to the UK.

I was jet lagged yesterday which is unusual for me. As I was good-for-nothing I took a little trip to Levo Spalon (Spa / salon) for waxing, pedicure and manicure. I finished the pamper-myself-like-an-expat-wife treat today with highlights. I really enjoy Levo because it feels like a little piece of London. In reality, anywhere that posh in London would probably be out of my price range but I feel like I’m talking the same language. So I get the best of both worlds; luxury and familiarity.

Finding a hairdresser was one of the things that tipped the balance in Gurgaon’s favour a few weeks before I left for home. I really wasn’t enjoying myself then 3 things happened 1) I found some work (not via my husband) 2) I had a good hair cut and 3) I went to the Gurgaon Connections Cocktail party. There it is again, the best of both worlds; having access to great opportunities that I only get because I’m an expat and feeling safe enough to enjoy them.

It was a happy turn around; it’s great to go home when you are looking forward to returning. Home was fab; we got to see lots of people and we took a walking trip to Dartmouth in Devon, which is about as English as you can get.