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Delhi Belly

In Musings and Amusings on August 5, 2010 at 7:18 pm

And I thought I had a cast iron stomach … there’s no such thing!

Monday evening I was very, very ill. I didn’t know which end to stick in the toilet. I assumed that I had pretty much got over it by Tuesday evening but on Wednesday morning … there it was again. Much to my husband’s disgust I insisted on bypassing a doctor and taking some antibiotics from an expat friend. Dean is seriously anti-drugs; he quizzes me if I even take a paracetamol (to which my response is something too rude to print) but even he could see how ill I was. Ahhh the miracle of antibiotics.

I will now:

  1. Be even more careful about what I eat
  2. Sort out our emergency medical procedure

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